Suzanne Priddle - Founding member of the DVFLSN



I am a single mother who has had years of experience in representing both myself and my children in both the Family Law Court for Parenting matters and the Magistrates Court with Domestic Violence issues directly relating to protecting myself and the children from my ex-husband.


I have made many mistakes along the way and whilst I have found many people to be extremely  – I  can tell you that there have definitely been times when I have found representing myself and the children in Court has been an extremely lonely and denigrating experience.


At the same time I can say that for me it has also been very much a part of my healing and my strength to not want to give up and to take complete ownership of my situation. I sincerely believe that nobody ever goes into a relationship thinking that their partner will lie and/or physically and mentally abuse them or the children and so when it all ends up in court nobody can ever be prepared.


I have founded the DVFLSN so that I can help support others who also find themselves navigating the Australian Judicial System with or without legal representation. Though my experiences I will give you the resources and tools to help you understand the protocols and processes that will be required during your journey.


Participation in our seminars automatically gains you membership to the DVFLSN and allows you to spend time with other people who might also be going through similar situations – always nice to remember you are not alone. The seminars are held in a public space and have the added advantage of having on-site security to enable to everyone to feel that they are in a safe and secure environment.


If I could say one thing to everyone – even if you have legal representation – make it your business to gain some professional knowledge in report writing and formatting your own Affidavits. Not only will you find this exercise to be more cost effective, but it is also very healing and empowering to put things down in your own words.